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Changing the picture of rural Missouri

Our Vision

Changing the picture of rural Missouri is the vision behind Rural Business Photo Stories, a project of community development organization New Growth with support from Missouri Humanities.

Every day, small businesses across rural Missouri put their creative energy into providing goods and services that their communities want and need. They are not waiting for outside companies to do it for them; they know they can employ themselves and each other to make their places great.

Yet these enterprising rural entrepreneurs and resourceful communities are largely invisible to those looking for the innovation and entrepreneurship that Missouri needs to thrive.

We hope the Rural Business Photo Stories series can be a start in the direction of making rural entrepreneurs and innovators more visible and inspiring to policymakers and others with resources, as well as to rural youth and rural communities themselves.

Rural Business Photo Stories

ABC Motors

April Blooms

Countywide Disposal

Duffer Hollow Designs

Main Event
Wedding Boutique

Market 116

The Red Rooster

RiOak Design

Salmon Enterprises

Warsaw Adventures

W.F. Norman Manufacturing

Wine Journal

New Growth produced Rural Business Photo Stories in partnership with the Missouri Humanities and with support from the Missouri Humanities Trust Fund. New Growth worked with partners in west central Missouri’s START HERE Business Acceleration Network to identify featured businesses. The 12 businesses are from Bates, Benton, Dallas, Hickory, St. Clair, and Vernon counties. They represent a range of business types, from retail to manufacturing to farming. Patty Cantrell is the project’s originator and editor. Clayton Steward served as photojournalist.